Sinus Infection And Toothache: Any Connection?

Sinus Infection And Toothache: Any Connection?

Posted by Korte Family Dentist Aug 26,2022

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A toothache or tooth pain is a common dental concern people face worldwide. There are many possible causes of toothache. The most common is tooth decay. A cavity is a small hole that forms in the tooth when bacteria erodes away its outer layer of enamel. As bacteria continue to grow, they spread deeper into the tooth, causing discomfort. Another common cause of toothache is gum disease. Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissue. It occurs when bacteria from plaque buildup lead to an infection. The infection can lead to swollen gums, redness, and bleeding. However, not all toothaches are caused by cavities or infections. If you have a sinus infection, you may experience severe pain in your teeth. 

Toothache Due To Sinus Infection

Sinus infections are infections of the sinuses, which are cavities that are located on either side of the nose above the eyes. A sinus toothache is when a sinus infection causes pain in your upper teeth. This type of toothache is typically caused by an infection in the sinus cavity. A sinus infection can also cause swelling of the face, nasal congestion, and fever.

Sinus vs. Regular Toothache 

The sinuses are located above the upper molars and below the lower molars. A sinus infection can cause pressure to build up in this area, which can cause a person to experience tooth pain. However, the person’s tooth pain will subside once the infection is taken care of.

Though many symptoms of a regular toothache and a sinus toothache are similar, sinus toothache is mainly felt in the upper molars and affects several teeth instead of a single one. Besides, you are also likely to experience the following symptoms if you have a sinus toothache:

  • pressure or tenderness around the nose, eyes, or forehead
  • thick mucus
  • bad-tasting nasal drip
  • bad breath 
  • pain in the ear 
  • fever
  • tiredness
  • loss of taste and smell
  • sore throat
  • rough voice

Tips For Relieving Sinus Tooth Pain

Many of the symptoms of sinus infections are similar to regular toothaches. In both cases, you may experience a dull, throbbing pain. You may also feel pain when chewing or drinking hot or cold beverages. In addition, you may also feel pressure or pain in your upper teeth.

In order to relieve your toothache, you should first treat the infection that caused the pain. The major solutions that work include the following:

  • Use over-the-counter medications

Over-the-counter medications, such as decongestants and pain relievers, can help relieve tooth pain caused by sinus infections. Make sure you consult with a dentist before using any medications.

  • Use salt water to rinse out your nose

Rinsing with a saltwater solution can help flush out your sinuses, helping to relieve pressure and pain.

  • Drink water and use steam

Water is proven to be helpful in thinning the mucus, thus easing the symptoms of sinus infection. So, have plenty of fluids and stay hydrated. Adding a steamy shower to your daily care can also help cut congestion and pain. 

If you have chronic sinus problems, you may need to see a specialist. To schedule your appointment with us, contact Korte Family Dentistry at (402) 489-3115 or visit us at 3901 Normal Blvd STE 202, Lincoln, NE 68506. We will be happy to guide you further.

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