Help—A Tooth Got Knocked Out! What You Need to Know About This Dental Emergency

Maybe you took a tumble, got hit in the face by accident, or had a major impact while playing sports. All kinds of occurrences lead to permanent teeth getting knocked out of their socket. If this ever happens to you, it is definitely an emergency situation, and you need to visit the dentist right away. Here are a few things you should know about a knocked-out tooth and how it can be saved.

1. Find the tooth and put it in a safe place.

If you can find the tooth, carefully retrieve it by touching only the crown and not the root. If the tooth is dirty or has something on it, carefully rinse it with only cool water. In some cases, the tooth can be immediately placed back in the opening, but this is not the most pleasant experience even though it does give the tooth the best chance of survival. If you can’t do this, place the tooth on a dampened paper towel and in a zipper bag or cup for safe-keeping. It’s important to keep the tooth moist until you get to the dentist.

2. The faster you act, the more of a chance there will be to save your tooth.

When a tooth gets knocked out of its socket, the clock starts ticking. The tissue that keeps the tooth alive is going to start dying rather rapidly. The faster you can get into an emergency dentist for treatment, the higher the likelihood that the tooth can be saved. Reach out to an emergency dentist that can get you in as quickly as possible.

3. Monitor the replaced tooth very carefully.

Once you do make it to the dentist and they place it back in the socket, they may install a few sutures to hold it in place. However, you will have to be very careful after you go home. Monitor the tooth closely for signs of discoloration, which is a sign that there is a blood flow change to the root. Eat carefully, sticking with soft foods, and use your mouth carefully to allow the soft tissue to heal.

Talk to an Emergency Dentist in Lincoln, NE for Help

No one wants to lose a tooth that should be around forever. If you ever find yourself with a knocked-out tooth, reach out to us at Korte Family Dentistry for immediate attention.