How to Prolong Professional Teeth Whitening Results

If you’re like most people, you probably really appreciate the effects of a professional teeth whitening treatment. After all, everyone looks and feels better when their smile is white and bright. Naturally, you’re going to want to prolong the whitening effects of your professional treatment for as long as possible, and the following several strategies are designed to help you do that.

Avoid Foods and Beverages That Stain Teeth

Blueberries and blackberries are among the worst culprits when it comes to staining teeth, so avoid or limit these foods as much as you can to maintain your bright smile. Other foods that stain include balsamic vinegar, grapes, tomato sauce, and soy sauce. Coffee, colas, tea, and red wine also stain teeth.

Use a Straw

If you’re like most people, there are certain beverages you just aren’t all that willing to give up — and you don’t have to. If you’re a blueberry or blackberry lover, for instance, you already know that these berries pack a substantial nutritional punch as well as taste absolutely delicious. You can avoid the stains they may leave by blending your favorite berries into a smoothie and drinking them through a straw. You can do the same thing with red wine, cola, and even coffee or tea.

Stop Smoking

Tobacco use causes serious stains on teeth, so now is the perfect time to finally quit for good. As an added bonus, stopping smoking now will reduce your risk of developing oral cancer at some future point.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene will also help prevent stains from recurring on your teeth. If possible, brush after every meal or snack. If this isn’t practical, make sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth out with water.

Ask Your Dentist to Recommend a Tooth Whitening Toothpaste

Your dentist may recommend an at-home whitening toothpaste in order to prolong the effects of your whitening treatment.

Schedule Touch-ups

Regular touch-ups, after your whitening procedure has been performed, helps keep your smile bright and white.

Please feel free to call us at your convenience to schedule an appointment to discuss our tooth whitening treatments as well as any of your other dental needs.

FAQs About Professional Teeth Whitening

The growing popularity of a bright and white smile brings up many questions about your teeth. You may wonder when to consider professional whitening or have concerns about the safety of the procedure. By evaluating common questions, you can determine if whitening is a good choice for your goals.

Is it Covered by Insurance?

Although specific details about your coverage will depend on the policy you purchase, professional whitening for your teeth is not usually covered by insurance. Since the procedure is considered cosmetic, many insurance providers will not cover the cost of the treatment.

Will it Last?

Teeth Whitening FAQ Whitening your teeth is not permanent. You will need touch-up treatments over time to maintain the white and bright smile that you want. The timing of a touch-up depends on your habits and behaviors. If you eat foods or drink beverages that stain your teeth, then you may need to touch-up your teeth within a month or less. If you avoid food items that may stain your teeth, then your whitening may last a full year or longer before you need a touch-up treatment.

The exact duration depends on your behaviors. Before you go through whitening your teeth, you can discuss the foods and drinks to avoid to maintain your smile with our dental professionals.

Is Whitening Safe?

Professional whitening products and chemicals have gone through rigorous testing by the Food and Drug Administration and meet quality standards for safety and effectiveness. While whitening can cause some irritation in the gums and sensitivity in the teeth, it is safe when handled by a professional. We take measures to protect your gums during the treatment. If you are concerned about sensitivity, then you can use a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth for two weeks before the treatment to reduce the risk.

Professional whitening is a safe procedure that makes your smile brighter. By discussing the treatment with our dental professionals, you can determine if it is a good choice for your teeth.