What Causes Teeth Staining?

Staining of the tooth occurs when liquids, smoke, or foreign substances you consume stain the teeth. The number one cause of teeth staining is smoking and the consumption of sugars and processed foods. Teeth staining can usually be reversed with either over the counter tooth whiteners or getting professional teeth whitening services from your dentist. Here are the main causes of teeth staining.


Smoking is the number one practice that will cause teeth staining over a long period of time. Smoker’s teeth often are hard to re- whiten and reverse. The main types of smoking that will cause teeth staining are cigarettes and cigars. In addition, e-cigarettes that contain additives and preservatives can and probably will cause some staining over time, but not as much as cigarettes. Vaping with organic liquids and water is the least likely to cause staining.

Sugar Consumption

Consumption of sugars and processed foods is another common cause of teeth staining. The many processed ingredients and preservatives in these processed foods often leech deep into the tooth and cause hard to remove stains over the years. Products like soda, snacks with flavored powders coating them, and colored candy are the most harmful to the teeth. If possible, use simple natural sugars like honey instead of processed sugar.


Drinking alcohol like wine and beer is another main cause for teeth staining, the fermented beverages often deeply stain our teeth just like they do the carpet and clothes we accidentally spill them on from time to time. Don’t fret if you only casually drink from time to time though, for the most part only excessive alcohol consumption, usually by alcoholics will cause teeth staining that becomes problematic.

For the most part, teeth staining is something that can be easily avoided. Smoking and drinking alcohol are the main causes of stained teeth ad can result in teeth that aren’t that pretty to look at, but eating a lot of processed foods can also cause teeth staining over a period of years. Eat a healthy diet free of refined sugars in soda and candy, and limit or eliminate smoking to control the amount of staining your teeth endure. For instantly whiter teeth, consult your dentist for professional teeth whitening services.

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