Choose SLS-Free Toothpaste

Choose SLS-Free Toothpaste

Posted by DR. ALLEN KORTE May 12,2021

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When you have a toothache, you may think it is because of a tooth or gum issue. You wouldn’t normally consider that the culprit could be your toothpaste. However, sometimes it can be. 

Many types of toothpaste contain SLS, an ingredient that helps them foam. However, SLS can also have negative effects, especially on your oral health.

What Is SLS?

SLS stands for sodium lauryl sulfate. It is a foaming agent used in many generic cosmetic products. Surfactants like SLS are very commonly used in shampoos, detergents, shower gels, and toothpaste

In toothpaste, SLS helps to create foam and to remove particles of food and residue from the mouth as you brush. 

Why Is SLS an Active Ingredient in Some Toothpastes?

SLS toothpaste is very commonly used since it helps in removing food residue and plaque from the mouth. It does so by creating a foam that spreads to all parts of the teeth and the rest of the mouth, taking food particles away with it. 

On the other hand, SLS can cause increased sensitivity. Many people find that SLS toothpaste irritates their teeth and gums and, in doing so, increases their sensitivity to cold and hot drinks or foods, causing pain. 

For them, SLS-free toothpaste is the best option.

How Does SLS-Free Toothpaste Help Clean Teeth?

SLS-free toothpaste does a good job of removing food particles from the teeth even though it creates less foam. 

SLS-free toothpaste uses different active ingredients to clean the teeth and remove debris, such as baking soda. These ingredients can also help remove tooth stains and whiten teeth. 

SLS-free toothpaste comes in many varieties of flavor and ingredients, and some also contain fluoride, just like regular toothpaste. 

Benefits of Using SLS-Free Toothpaste

  • SLS can be very abrasive and, when it comes in contact with your teeth two times a day, it can erode them. SLS-free toothpaste significantly reduces this risk. 
  • SLS-free toothpaste can help prevent canker sores and speed up recovery from them.
  • SLS-free toothpaste still contains teeth strengthening and whitening ingredients.

How to Choose the Best SLS-Free Toothpaste?

  • Choose SLS-free toothpaste that contains fluoride. 
  • Choose SLS-free toothpaste that contains natural active ingredients. 
  • Choose SLS-free toothpaste that is recommended by the American Dental Association. 

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