Should You Consider Crown Lengthening?

Should You Consider Crown Lengthening?

Posted by Dr. Allen Korte Jul 14,2021

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Crown lengthening is an oral procedure that helps to treat a gummy smile. The surgery helps to remove gum tissues which help to make more of the tooth visible. It also helps to expose cavities and fractured areas of the gumline. At Korte Family Dentistry, the experienced dentists provide crown lengthening treatment adhering to each patient’s requirements.

The Procedure of Crown Lengthening

The procedure is done by a periodontist and begins by administering anesthesia to the patient. It helps in sedating the patient, which helps to avoid discomfort during the process. According to the requirement of the patient, the periodontist cuts into the gums of the teeth. This exposes the bones and the roots of the teeth. The gums are removed after which it is washed with salt water before suturing. In some cases, the periodontist also places a bandage in the area for extra protection.

The patient is prescribed pain relievers which help reduce the pain after the anesthesia wears out. Mouthwash is also prescribed, which helps to quicken the process of healing. The time required for the entire treatment depends on the number of teeth that need removing of the gums. 

Aftercare For Crown Lengthening

The healing process of the treatment can take up to three months. The patients are advised to not exert pressure that might cause the gums to bleed. Painkillers are prescribed to the patients, which can be taken whenever the patient experiences any pain. 

The three days after the procedure are crucial, and patients need to avoid hot food as the gums are sensitive. The patients need to avoid smoking and consuming alcohol as instructed. 

Regular visits to the dentists are necessary to replace the dressing. The area treated needs to be brushed gently, and the other areas can be brushed and flossed normally. In case of discomfort, the patient is advised to visit the dentist immediately. It helps to avoid chances of infection. 

Facts About Crown Lengthening 

  • It is a surgical, dental procedure and includes the use of dental equipment.
  • It decreases the chances of accumulating tooth decay.
  • Crown lengthening is a process that precedes restorative treatments for gum diseases. 
  • It is a process where the bone is encountered in the mouth.

Korte Family Dentistry, located in Lincoln, NE, helps patients in providing the desired outcome. Dial 402.489.3115 and book an appointment with expert dentists to know more about dental treatments.

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