Tips To Reduce Dental Anxiety

Tips To Reduce Dental Anxiety

Posted by Allen Korte Jul 12,2022

Dental anxiety is a very real thing that many people struggle with. It might have driven you to avoid the dentist in the past. But now you're reading this, which means you're ready to do something about it.

Anxiety is usually rooted in fear, so it's important to try to get to the bottom of exactly what you're afraid of. Is it the drill? Needles? Pain? If you're afraid of pain, talk to your dentist about other options. They may be able to use a laser for fillings, which can feel much more comfortable. If you're afraid of needles, ask about anesthetic creams that can be applied before injections. If you're afraid of the drill, ask your dentist about sedation dentistry. With this option, you'll take a pill before your procedure that will relax you.

Tips To Reduce Dental Anxiety

  • Listen to your favorite music

Most patients find it helpful to listen to their favorite music during dental appointments. Listening to upbeat music will help keep your mind off the procedure and distract you from the sights and sounds of the dentist's office. Many patients listen to music using headphones, while others choose to listen to the radio. Patients can ask their dentist for recommendations.

  • Be open about your anxiety

Dentists are used to working with people who have dental anxiety. In fact, more than half of the American population has some level of dental fear, according to a study published in 2017.

Unfortunately, dental anxiety is still something that many people keep to themselves. If you feel uncomfortable talking to your dentist about your fear, let them know. Most dentists are committed to helping patients feel comfortable in their offices.

  • Ask about sedation methods

Your dentist can offer a number of relaxation methods to help you feel calmer and more comfortable during your dental appointment. You can ask about nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and other methods that will help you relax during your dental appointment.

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is inhaled through a comfortably-fitting mask and will help you relax. Oral sedation will relax you and allow you to sleep comfortably through your dental procedure. Your dentist will be able to explain the difference between each option and help you determine which method will best fit your needs.

  • Practice relaxation techniques

While it may seem obvious, practicing relaxation techniques is a great way to calm your nerves before your appointment. Bring a list of pre-appointment relaxation techniques with you to your appointment, and practice them in advance, if possible.

  • Schedule enough time. 

If you rush through your dental appointment, you're more likely to feel stressed and anxious. So, always ensure that you schedule your dental appointment when you don't have anything to rush about.

  • Bring someone with you

If you're having a hard time relaxing, ask someone you trust to accompany you to your appointment. Sometimes just having someone friendly beside you, holding your hand, or patting you on the back can help you feel more relaxed.

To learn more tips to ease dental anxiety, contact Korte Family Dentistry at (402) 489-3115 or visit us at 3901 Normal Blvd STE 202, Lincoln, NE 68506. We will be happy to guide you further.

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