Why Is Replacing Missing Teeth Important?

Why Is Replacing Missing Teeth Important?

Posted by KORTE FAMILY DENTISTRY Nov 10,2021

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If you’ve lost your natural teeth due to decay, age, or trauma, you must recognize how crucial it is to address the situation as soon as possible. This is because not only do missing teeth affect your self-confidence, but they can also negatively impact your overall oral health and affect your otherwise healthy teeth. 

Our experienced team at Korte Family Dentistry in Lincoln, NE, can provide you with the most advanced and convenient solutions for replacing missing teeth and improving both your smile and your self-confidence.

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

Restore Your Self-esteem

Missing teeth can have a negative impact on your smile and even your voice, causing slurring or whistling when you talk. They can also accelerate facial aging by causing the cheeks to sink as they are no longer supported structurally. If you've been self-conscious about a gap in your smile, replacing missing teeth can boost your self-esteem significantly. 

Prevent Risks 

Missing teeth might jeopardize your dental health since the neighboring teeth usually shift into empty space. This may also make it more difficult for you to clean your teeth properly and lead to plaque buildup over time, which can subsequently progress to tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Improve Diet and Digestion

Eating is one of the most essential functions performed by our teeth. When you lose your natural teeth, you will be unable to perform this function effectively. As a result, you are less able to enjoy life as you will frequently find it difficult to eat essential foods daily or have concerns about what types of food to eat.

How Can You Replace Missing Teeth?

Patients now have a plethora of alternatives for replacing a missing tooth thanks to developments in dental technology. Implants are the most commonly used solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth. 

Dental implants provide a solid foundation for either detachable or permanent dental restorations. Implants are small titanium posts that are placed in the socket of a lost tooth. After the implant has fused with the jawbone, an abutment is placed over it to support the crown. Dental implants work and look just like natural teeth and also aid in the prevention of bone resorption. 

Dentures and dental bridges are two other common options for replacing missing teeth.

Whether you need to replace one or several missing teeth or want to maintain your oral health, our professional team can assist you! Contact our specialists at Korte Family Dentistry to learn more about the dental care services we offer. To book an appointment, call (402) 489-3115 or visit our office located at 3901 Normal Blvd STE 202, Lincoln, NE 68506.

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